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Miracle Garden

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Miracle Garden is like no other garden or outdoor space in Dubai or even the rest of the world. It showcases specially designed vertical and horizontal landscaping features. It is estimated that the garden contains over 45 million flowers. Some flowers planted here have never been planted in the Gulf region before. Some of the popular flower types include calendulas, petunias and marigolds.

Visitors will be pleasantly suprised by some of the floral arrangements on display here. Think odd and you thought correctly. There are numerous grand displays towering high that showcase captivating colourful arrays, while other weird designs on cars are probably overdone to draw reactions rather than impress. Either way, visitors will get an eyeful of colours they did not imagine existed in flowers. The Miracle Garden is amusing and makes for a fun morning or late afternoon visit.

Facilities include rest rooms, male/female prayer rooms, a souvenir shop and a kids play area.

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